Chiropractic, a metaphor for greatness!

Mitch Albom is no stranger to the Detroit area. The celebrated and often published columnist is well know for his appearances on ESPN, his award winning manuscripts in the Detroit Free Press, and his unique form of prose.

In the recent Stanley Cup series, he documents the return of Pavel Datsyuk to the ice after missing several games to injury:

” He was rusty at first, and a mortal version of himself even later. But his presence was like a chiropractic adjustment for the Wings; it put steam in their stride.”

We all know what happened in that series. You lament as a Red Wing fan and elate as a Penguin fanatic. Yet Mr. Abom’s words echo the greatness of both the power of chiropractic and an NHL icon.

As chiropractor’s and patient’s of chiropractors, we seldom see or hear about the adjustment in a positive light. Most articles are laden with controversy, and most big screen references are excuses for a joke. From one of the first appearances of an adjustment on the Little Rascals and, the unusual chiropractic portrayals in the “Naked Man” and “Jacob’s Ladder”, to the bashing of chiropractic in “Two and a Half Men”, chiropractic occasionally becomes misunderstood. Yet Mitch recognizes potential, and there are none greater than chiropractic.

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