Consumer Reports Gives “Props” to Chiropractic

In the May 2009 Consumer Reports article: Relief for aching backs , 14,000 subscribers were surveyed who had lower-back pain but never had back surgery. More than half said their pain severely limited their daily routine for a week or longer, and 88% said that it recurred through the year. Sound familiar? The subscribers went on to rate the various treatment approaches and degree of satisfaction of health-care professionals treated. Hands-on therapies were the top rated with chiropractic at the top of the list. Fifty-eight percent of those who tried chiropractic said it helped alot, and 59% were completely satisfied or very satisfied with their chiropractor. Consumer Reports is stating the obvious to most chiropractic patients. So how did the chiropractors compare to other disciplines:

Chiropractor 59% Physical Therapist 55% Acupuncturist 53% Physician (specialist) 44% Physician (primary care) 34%

*45% were very satisfied with prescription drugs, double the percentage of those on over-the-counter drugs.

Chiropractic Patients have known this for years!

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