Michigan chiropractors has been waging a sustained battle for many years. Through the efforts of the Michigan Association of chiropractors, this undertaking has come to fruition. Michigan doctors of chiropractic and their patients got a New Year’s gift from Governor Granholm when she signed Senate Bill 968 and House Bill 5091 – our scope restoration bills – into law. The Governor’s signature on these historic bills marks the culmination of three decades’ worth of hard work in educating the legislature about the safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of chiropractic ca

When the bills passed the Legislature, they were given “immediate effect” by both chambers, meaning that our scope becomes law the minute the Governor signs them. However, this does not mean that doctors of chiropractic can immediately begin performing and billing for all the procedures, tests, and other services contained in the bills.

The bills give rulemaking authority regarding the new services to the Michigan Department of Community Health, working in conjunction with the Michigan Board of Chiropractic and utilizing nationally recognized standards within the profession to determine exactly which testing procedures and other services are allowed under the bills.

This legislative change will broaden chiropractic in Michigan so that we may practice according to our education, and bring us in line with the scopes of practice of the other 49 states. It should open up procedures such as ultra sound, electrical muscle stimulation, other physical therapies, as well as many new diagnostic measures. It will be some time however before the MDCH rules on these matters.

Congratulations to the MAC and their hard won efforts!

Greer Chiropractic