The Prostate And Your Spine

In a recent supplemental article for Alternatives, a publication put out by Dr. David G. Williams, he refers to the modern medical approach to prostate health as the Billion-Dollar Scam. Dr. Williams has stated since 1992 that PSA testing is severely pushed by the medical industry, does not test for prostate cancer, but rather it tests for prostate inflammation.

Though an elevated reading could be an early indication of cancer, the chances are far greater that it is something else, like infection or benign enlargement of the prostate. In my practice I have always urged men who are approaching fifty to get PSA testing, especially if they present chronic back pain. However, even if that patient presents with elevated PSA levels, they should be properly informed on the parameters of this discovery. According to Dr. William’s research and insight, “most prostate cancers are slow-growing and will have little effect on the quality or length of a mans life. The simple fact that nearly every man who makes it to age fifty will die with prostate cancer, but very few men die from it.” It seems that many of the problems and pitfalls of the modern medical approach to the prostate phenomenon is that it is too aggressive. Current guidelines recommend biopsy (6-12 punches from the gland) in active surveillance and repeating this procedure every 6-12 months. Once a man as been subjected to this painful and risky malady, he may treated by radiation, surgery, chemotherapy, or radical removal. Many times men will be subjected to incontinence and impotence from these unnecessary procedures because of the medical stance and greed.

So what is a man to do? The best answer is to take care of your prostate, and many of these measures are common sense: proper dieting with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoiding excesses of rich meats as hormone supplements to meat and poultry may have a negative impact upon your prostate. Drink plenty of water, though you should be doing this anyway. There are natural herbal approaches that have been proven to help prostate health, such as turmeric and saw palmetto. Cooked tomato dishes are rich in lycopenes, which have been associated with good prostate health. Exercise, exercise, exercise!!!! Men should walk or bicycle daily and it is proven that there is an inverse relationship between exercise and prostatic issues. Finally, many prostatic problems may contribute to lower back or sciatic pain. Dr. Williams recommends a knowledgeable chiropractor to help with this issue. A chiropractor may also help identify the possibility of metastasis in extreme cases to the lumbar spine.

DR Williams is a refreshing alternative in his views on health and healthcare. You may subscribe to his literature on his Alternatives website or call 1-800-527-3044. You will find his thoughtful views as life changing and a great bargain!

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