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Greer Chiropractic Shoulder Specialization and Rehab Clinic

Shoulder adjustmentChiropractic may often help people who suffer from:

  • Torn Rotator Cuffs (full and partial thickness tears)
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Labrum Tears (SLAP and Bankhart lesions)
  • AC Separations
  • Adhesive Capsulitis
  • Impingement Syndromes
  • Nerve Impingements

It is well documented that there is a low positive outcome of success with shoulder injuries. Whether an individual has damaged their shoulder through athleticism or a slip and fall, conventional treatment such as surgery or physical therapy has historically yielded positive outcomes as low as 50-65%, according to post-treatment patient surveys. The incidence for success is lower for patients who plan to continue a career involving athleticism, or are dealing with post-surgical failure.

Dr. Greer has received his certification in the Shoulder Specialist Program pioneered by Dr. John (Jack) Dolbin and is one of only a handful of practitioners in the Midwest who have attained this very special endorsement. With the very low outcome measure of surgical intervention, shoulder patients have long sought a viable alternative to invasive shoulder procedures and failed therapeutic programs. This package of physical measures, mobilizing and decompression technics, cold laser, nutritional support, and carefully regimented resistance exercises, boasts of positive outcomes in excess of 80%. The technics have been developed primarily for the modern athlete, but they have proven effective for most everyone, including those individuals who have experienced failed-shoulder-surgery-syndrome.

Shoulder Specialization Certificate


Dr. Greer has had great success with many of his existing patients:

“I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Greer for the exceptional health care he has given me the last three months, rather than surgery I chose Dr. Greer’s recommendations and expertise with my chronic shoulder pain. I am now to date 65 percent improved and able to do day to day activities. I will continue to see him weekly and expect to see great results as each month goes by.”

Regards, Don

“Dr. Greer,

I just wanted to say thank you for using your shoulder techniques on me. I have seen such a great improvement in only 3 sessions. I was having a lot of pain out of nowhere, especially across my bicep and down the side of my arm. I was also having a lot of pain in my shoulder blade.

The pain has eased up a lot, and the clicking on my shoulder seems to have gotten less frequent. You have given me hope that I may be able to live a somewhat normal life when no one else has.

I have had 4 shoulder surgeries, 3 within 14 months of each other. The last operation was a reverse total shoulder replacement performed just about one year ago.

I have been to physical therapy after each surgery. The doctor stopped the therapy after my replacement surgery because of a possible stress fracture. I currently do some exercises at home.

I just want to say thank you again from the bottom of my heart! I would be happy to speak to other patients about your success with my shoulder. Your kindness, compassion, and willingness to help me are so greatly appreciated.

You are truly one in a million!”

Thank you,

“I would like to begin by saying that I am a little worried about writing this testimonial because I fear that once people find out I will never be able to get an appointment with Dr. Greer! 🙂

I initially came to Dr.Greer with neck pain but quickly learned that he is also a specialist when it comes to shoulders. Voila! I had surgery on my shoulder in 2014 for a labrum tear. After surgery and years of physical therapy I still had pain in my shoulder. I am a fitness instructor by profession and teach 20-25 indoor cycling, pilates and HIIT classes/clients each week so needless to say my body takes a beating. The pain I was having in my shoulder was so bad that it was making my daily teaching schedule next to impossible to do. Dr. Greer started working on my shoulder and all I can say is that I wish I would have discovered him years ago. The treatments that he has been doing have made the pain in my shoulder almost disappear. My range of motion has increased, the strength has improved and simple moves that used to make me cringe and down with ease now. I can’t express how happy I am with the results that I have received from Dr. Greer and HIGHLY recommend that anyone experiencing shoulder issues see him ASAP.”

Erin S.

“My son is a seventeen-year-old senior at Milan High School and an up and coming collegiate football player who was diagnosed with a dislocated right shoulder in March of 2015, and later dislocated his left shoulder in November of 2015 during sports activities. Needless to say that he suffered much ongoing pain. After the emergency room visit, orthopedic appointments, and physical therapy, his football career looked bleak! The shoulder surgeon felt that surgery was definitely the most probable option after corresponding with other renowned colleagues. Dr. Greer examined my son’s shoulder, and after a series of tests told us that he had an impingement in the shoulder caused by a tear in the labrum. He was correct! An MRA was ordered from the orthopedic surgeon with the same diagnosis later that week. The orthopedic surgeon was amazed at my son’s progress under Dr. Greer’s care. We told her it is because of our chiropractor’s approach. Dr. Greer started shoulder treatments with him weekly. After the first treatment on his left shoulder, my son felt better. The pain subsided immediately, Praise God. His body began responding. Dr. Greer spent a lot of time directing him with shoulder care and the use of his arm. He would tape his shoulder after treatments and after just a few weeks we were back in the running. Now, there is only the occasional discomfort during training. He is able to lift weights and his shoulder has stabilized. He is now on his way to playing football for Eastern Michigan University. What a blessing!”